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Eggcellent Easter Reversible Bunny Doll

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Eggcellent Easter Reversible Bunny Doll

Hop in with the hope and joy of Easter spring with this friendly adorable reversible bunny doll!

An eggcellent reversible plush that appears to be a tasty food which transforms into a cute fluffy bunny with just a simple zipping action. Providing you the fun of easter egg-themed surprise that is sure to make everyone anticipate what's the wonderful mystery pet inside. Available in sizes 18cm, 25cm, and 35cm that comes in strawberry design and carrot version. No worries as you can reverse it back and hide the rabbit using its long, fuzzy ears and zipping it back up. This lovely reversible rabbit strikes the perfect blend of fluffiness, playfulness, huggable nature, and that extra festive touch of easter. The perfect doll companion that would make children and even young at heart to hop in delight!   

This easter bunny plush toy is so incredibly soft and relaxing to touch which makes it an amazing cuddle partner. It is also super light in the hands which allows it to be carried around effortlessly even by your youngsters. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful materials to ensure that it can hug, play, or take into adventure without causing injuries. The perfect bedtime comfort, road adventures, cuddle buddy, children playdate, security item, or as a decorative display to hop your space and create a joyful, holiday springtime atmosphere. What’s more? This reversible toy also serves as an adorable festive gift for easter, christmas, birthdays, holidays, thanksgiving, and so on. 

Give yourself a cute lifelong friend to cuddle on everyday with this eggcellent easter reversible bunny doll!


  • Unique Reversible Design
    An ultimately cute plush that comes into the appearance of a delicious fruit that sweetly transformed into a bunny. It offers a handy zip style that you can swiftly glide to open and pull on the ears to show the charming hopping critter. You can also easily turn it back into a fruit by hiding the rabbit using its ears and zipping it back up. Making it a great plush to bring a lifelong friend into your child's life while keeping up the symbol of easter, new beginnings, and breezy spring holiday mood. Available in 3 sizes, including 18cm, 25cm, and 35cm in strawberry and carrot version.

  • Super Soft, Adorable
    This lovely reversible bunny doll boasts the softest of fillings that makes it more squishy and playful with a nice huggable plus. Its reversible design even fits the easter egg-themed surprise that is sure to make everyone anticipate what's the wonderful mystery pet inside. Moreover, this plush’s long, fluffy ears and extra cute face guarantees to children and even young at heart to squeal and hop in delight. The perfect spring rabbit to play and pet with but without the need to worry about it eating your garden or hopping away.   

  • Comfortable Companion
    The easter strawberry-carrot rabbit plush is incredibly soft enough that you can cuddle it comfortably for a sweet, peaceful slumber or just for a nice hugging companion. It is also nicely lightweight to be carried around anytime, anywhere with great ease. This adorably cute bunny is undeniably smooth to touch which prevents any sort of injuries even with your youngster’s delicate skin. Furthermore, its cuddly nature and cuteness overload can relax and bring joy to everyone. The best stuffies for bedtime comfort, road adventures, comforting someone, children playdate, security items, and more possibilities. You can even use this reversible bunny toy as a unique decorative display piece to hop onto your space to keep the blissful spirit of spring and warmth of Easter month.   

  • Perfect Festive Gift
    This whimsy reversible bunny doll serves as a thoughtful and lovely gift that symbolizes symbols of affection, care, and new beginnings that’s perfect for people of all ages. An ideal cute surprise to give your children, friend, girlfriend, colleagues, sister, wife, and other loved ones. No worries as it does not only keep the holiday mood of easter, but it can also be given for christmas, new years, thanksgiving, birthdays, themed parties, festivities, surprise gift, regular day, and so much more.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly plush material with an excellent fluffiness and huggable nature. It can withstand multiple years of easter season and everyday cuddles, playtime, and decoration without wearing-off. This reversible bunny doll is completely non-toxic and odorless to avoid harmful leaching. It can also easily be washed just like any other doll to keep it clean and hygienic at all times. 
  • Material: Plush
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  • 1 x Eggcellent Easter Reversible Bunny Doll  

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