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Multifunctional Geometric Measuring Template Ruler

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Multifunctional Geometric Measuring Template Ruler

Add an effortless precision and dimensional interest using only this multifunctional measuring template ruler! 

A multi-tool template ruler that is specially designed with optimal versatility that you can use for different measuring and geometric functions. Featuring a protractor, reading bar, square area, wave line, parallelogram, circular area, hexagon, triangle, rectangle, circle w/ radius, polygon drawing line, line area, and so on. Allowing you to effortlessly and swiftly create 3D patterns, symmetrical lines or detailed measuring with excellent precision. This multifunctional template ruler even provides movable features that you can smoothly maneuver to your desired angles and needs. Saving you from the troubles of having to turn the entire ruler and that difficulty in drawing and lining accurately.   

This versatile geometric measuring ruler supplies a non-slip, ergonomic design which delivers secured gripping and maximum control. It adopts high-printed markings that can be clearly read anytime without the need for hard squinting anymore. The multipurpose ruler offers smooth rounded corners which ensures that it can be used anytime even by kids with no injuries. It is also conveniently light and can be tote around with so much ease. Making it the perfect helper to improve efficiency for students, employees, professors, artists, graphic makers, architects, clothing designers, and more. Made with premium, durable materials that can withstand lasting years without damaging. 

Make accurate parallelograms and different geometric figures only with this multifunctional measuring template ruler! 


  • All-in-One Geometric Ruler
    An innovative drafting tool designed to provide optimal versatility which you can freely use for a wide range of measuring, geometric function, arts, and so on. It comes in a template ruler style with a protractor, reading bar/angle bar, square area, wave line area, parallelogram, circular area, hexagon shape, triangle, rectangle, circle w/ radius, polygon drawing line, line area, and so much more. No worries as all functions are crafted specially to deliver excellent accuracy and ease of usage. Making it the best helper that will get your job quickly, correctly, and overall effortless without the need for multiple unnecessary drafting tools anymore.   

  • Smart Movable Parts
    Smartly made with a rotatable circle, sliding parts, and other movable features. It enables you to easily position your work and move it conveniently according to your desired angles, measurements, and different needs. Saving you from the hassle of constantly turning the entire ruler or the paper that you're working on just to get that correct geometric or placement. What’s more? All movable parts ensure that they can slide anytime with no issues. Preventing you from that stiff rotation and difficulty in drawing that only ruined your work.     

  • Ergonomic Design
    Ideally lightweight and it promotes a secured, non-slip gripping quality. Providing you better command and easy usage with maximum comfort even for those with the sweatiest of hands. This versatile ruler offers a high-contrast, laser-engraved markings that can be effortlessly read anytime even on low light spaces. Eliminating you from the need to bend really close to the ruler and squint hard to read the measurements as you work. Furthermore, it also supplies a transparent design so you can clearly see through your projects and easily measure anytime. The perfect tool for creating fascinating shape patterns, 3D geometric graphics, detailed measurements,  symmetrical lines, and taking exams with excellent accuracy in no time. 

  • Highly Portable Tool
    This multipurpose geometric measuring ruler is packed in a handy transparent bag with a smooth pull ring for easier storage and retrieving. It is super light and can be stashed inside school bags, office bags, suitcase bags, shoulder bags, totes, and suh without taking up much space or poking through. You can take it anytime to help you at-home or out at school, office, exams, projects, library, drafting room, and so on. Suitable for students, employees, professors, artists, graphic makers, architects, clothing designers, and more possibilities.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic 4mm thick plastic materials that boasts an impressive durability. It promises to hold out against long-lasting years of measuring and usage without breaking, fading, and scratching. This multifunctional geometric template ruler does not also contain any sharp edges or surface to ensure that it can be confidently used without harming. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size:23x8.7cm


  • 1 x Multifunctional Geometric Ruler

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