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Cithway™ Handheld Mini Ironing Board

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Cithway™ Handheld Mini Ironing Board
Iron out your fabrics without the hassle to lug out an ironing board every time using this handheld ironing board!

A clever portable ironing board that can be smartly worn on the hand to supply maximum ironing control and convenience. It enables you to smoothen out unsightly wrinkles and creases on clothes without the need for bulky, space-consuming regular ironing boards. This handheld ironing pad adopts a superior heat resistance that can withstand even the hottest of iron temperature. Making it the perfect helper for keeping fabrics neat and sharp using traditional dry ironing, steam ironing, and mobile steamers. It can be easily carried round anytime, anywhere and fit into bags while still saving more space. Great for at-home use or when out on travels, hotels, dormitories, and so on.        

This handheld ironing pad is super light in the hands and it provides a finger-loop feature to deliver a secured gripping. It comes with a mesh cover that allows great breathability to prevent sweating and keep the hands dry as you iron. Moreover, the portable ironing pad does not transfer heat and it offers a large area for optimal hand and wrist protection. Eliminating you from the risk and worries of experiencing burns, blisters, and other possible injuries. No worries as it can fit snug on different hand sizes and accommodate both left and right handed people. Made with the highest-grade foam cushioning and fabric material that guarantees a long-lasting usage without wearing-off. 
Keep your clothes looking flawless and wrinkle-free with the help of this handheld ironing board!

  • Smart Handheld Ironing Board
    A mini, handheld type ironing board that fits snug to the hand to provide maximum ironing control and convenience. Allowing you to efficiently keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free anytime without the need for bulky, space-consuming regular ironing boards. Moreover, this handy pad enables the user to iron much easier and smoothly even on collars and small, delicate garments or fabrics. It has a portable and slim design that can be stashed inside bags while still saving up more space to fit in other items. Making it an ideal ironing helper at-home and even when you're out for travels, vacation, hotels, apartments, small dormitory rooms, and so on.     

  • Remarkable Heat Resistant
    This portable ironing pad boasts an impressive high temperature resistance that can handle even the hottest of iron heat with no issues. Eliminating it from the risk of melting, burning, deforming or causing fire hazards even after prolonged ironing sessions. The handheld board also promotes a great reduction of heat transfer which enables you to confidently smooth out clothes without getting your hands burnt and harmed. Furthermore, it also naturally reflects adequate heat better to your clothing to successfully iron out pesky wrinkles fast. No worries as this ironing pad ensures that it can be used without the fear of getting your fabrics scorched and left with unsightly discolored, heat marks.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The heat resistant mini ironing board is so light that it can be lifted and carried around with ease and ultimate comfort. It adopts a handy finger-loop feature and mesh cover to provide a secured and excellent maneuverability as you ironed clothes. Furthermore, this iron pad is completely breathable which allows air to circulate freely thanks to its mesh holes. It lets you iron continuously while preventing your hands from sweating to keep it dry at all times even with the high heat exposure. The ironing board supplies an ultra-smooth, flat fabric material that offers the iron plate to glide fluidly for an easier ironing performance. Lastly, it supports a large area that can fit in different hand sizes and promotes overall protection to the hand and wrist.  

  • Wide Application
    This innovative handheld ironing board can be perfectly used and withstand different ironing types, including traditional dry ironing, steam ironing, and mobile steamers. It can also accommodate both hands which is convenient for lefties and right handed people. Additionally, this ironing board can effectively help in smooth out wrinkly clothes and fabrics of all types. Great for polos, suits, t-shirts, collars, pockets, sleeves, and more possibilities.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened good cushioning sponge and anti-scalding, waterproof polyester fabric cover. It strikes an exceptional high temperature resistance and durability that promises to withstand several years of daily ironing without burning, damaging, and deformation. The handheld ironing board comes with a hanging hook to provide better storing and easier retrieving each time. Available in blue grid, pink grid, and pure gray in tip head and round head design selections. 

  • Material: Polyester, sponge, mesh
  • Size:

  • Cithway™ Handheld Mini Ironing Board

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