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Invisible Sponge Pad Toe Socks

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Invisible Sponge Pad Toe Socks

Have pain-relieving support for every long walk and endless fun using this universal non-slip forefoot ball cushion!  👠

A convenient cushion pads that dramatically decrease pressure and tension to the ball of your feet for an instant pain-relief. Preventing stains, grinding, blisters, calluses, bunions and other discomfort or problems. Designed to be worn over your foot in a snug fitting to securely stay in place without crowding your shoes or blocking your movement. Suitable for long walks, traveling, shopping, hiking, sports, exercising, dancing, partying, running, working, stand guarding and so on.

These forefoot ball pads are non-slip and highly breathable to permit air to pass through and prevent sweating even during summer time. Each pads are smooth and cottony soft to provide an all-day comfort and support without the risk of harming your precious shoes. Moreover, it can be hidden seamlessly to any footwear so it won’t ruin your overall look. Perfect for rubber shoes, low cuts, high cuts, loafers, dress shoes, boots, flats, pumps, high heels, casual shoes, leathers, oxfords, stilettos and more.      

No more pain and strains even when spending hours of continuous standing with this universal non-slip forefoot ball cushion!  👠


  • Excellent Cushioning 👠
    A forefoot ball pad designed in a 5 fingers half sock that provides an extra soft cotton cushioning. Allowing it to be worn over your feet and distribute the weight evenly to relieve pressure, tensions and pain without being obtrusive. It also prevents your foot from grinding and protects it from blisters, calluses, bunions and such. Ideal for those who always stand, walk, run, jog, exercise and dance for a long period or those who like to wear killer heels and new shoes.

  • Comfortable to Wear 👠
    The metatarsal cushions are lightweight and it offers a snug fitting to your foot for an all-day comfort and support. Each ball pads are highly breathable which effectively absorbs moisture and keeps air permeable especially during summer. Providing you better hygiene and eliminates the uncomfortable foot sweating. No worries as the handy cushions are also non-slip and supply great traction to ensure safety.   

  • Invisible Design 👠
    These cotton forefoot pads feature a convenient invisible design which makes them flawlessly hidden to your shoes. It lets you wear any footwear while having discreet protection to avoid it from ruining your overall outfits. Suitable for rubber shoes, low cut shoes, high cuts, loafers, dress shoes, ankle shoes, boots, flats, pumps, high heels, casual shoes, leathers, oxfords, stilettos and more possibilities.     

  • Easy to Clean 👠
    It is completely reusable and can be cleaned quickly by just hand washing it with water and mild detergent. Preventing any bacterial and foul odor contamination, perfect for your everyday pain relief and comfort. 
  • Premium Material  👠
    Made of high-quality cottony soft fabric materials with superior durability and elastic performance. It can adapt well and fits most feet sizes for both men and women without tearing. Additionally, it is smooth to touch so it can perform an amazing cushioning without the risk of harming your favorite shoes or feet. Great for daily walks, work, exercise, sport activities, hiking, traveling, exercising, partying, dancing and so on.   

  • Material: Cotton
  • 1 pair x Invisible Sponge Pad Toe Socks

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